Get up and get out…

The owner of today's featured fortune has been a San Francisco dweller for some time now. A few weekends ago, she and a local friend decided to break their usual hangout habit and instead act as tourists for a day. During their exploration of the city they have called home for years, they were surprised to... Continue Reading →

A little reminder…

When the owner of today's featured message cracked open her fortune cookie she reflected inward. The words described how she hoped to be perceived by those around her. And so she decided to pocket this prophecy as a daily reminder to be compassionate and give without expecting reciprocation. Today it is very easy to get caught up... Continue Reading →

Many happy “returns”…

Happy tax day, everyone! Well, if not for you, it is definitely a good day for the owner of these fortunes. As a tax accountant, the stroke of midnight on this date will signal the end of yet another season of late nights and early mornings. Even though she loves her job, the demands of... Continue Reading →

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!..

As the weekend fades into a busy Monday, it is pretty easy to understand why someone might find today's featured fortune inspiring. Heading into the weekend with a large amount of unfinished work, this fortune's owner dreaded the thought of spending his days off plugging away at the computer. But, during his lunch break this little... Continue Reading →

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