Following your inner voice…


I often joke that the catch phrase for being an adult should be, “Am I doing this right?” So I found it very fitting when this fortune was submitted to me.

The submitter pocketed this fortune because for the first time in her life she found herself completely on her own. Each choice made with 100% decision power and 100% opportunity to be focused and dedicated only to herself. With this newfound freedom to manifest her happiness, she noticed an increase in her self reflection. She realized she began to question her life more. Wondering…Am I happy? Am I living purposefully? Am I living ‘my’ life?

Full of questions and hoping for answers she “tore” into her fortune cookie and discovered what she was looking for. To her, this message meant she needed to stop trying to make everyday fit her, and instead focus on making ‘her’ everyday.

Over the years I have found myself asking in frustration, “Am I doing things right?”  Upon reflection of this question and the fortune above, it occurred to me that for the most part it is deeply rooted in wanting to fit into the mold of how I feel the world views me. And I realized that in pivoting this question to, “Am I doing the right things?”, I changed my mindset back to my own needs and desires. Suddenly it was like a weight lifted from my shoulders, because I was no longer seeking approval from the world.

We may never know if we are doing things right, but if our minds and actions are all geared toward doing the right things we cannot go wrong. So, I encourage us all to follow our hearts, feed our passions, and continue on the path toward ‘what feels right’.

Thank you so much for sharing your story of enlightenment and self discovery with us. Until next time, be well.


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