Light at the end of the tunnel…

Pursuing our dreams can be such an exciting and invigorating adventure. In those moments we are almost floating on air, enlightened by the enthusiasm of following our hearts. However, pursuing our dreams can also be overwhelming with the amount of work it takes to achieve our goals, moments of giving into our insecurities, and times where the pressure to succeed weighs heavy on our shoulders. In those moments, it helps to find our motivation again. Sometimes, it is manifested from even the smallest of sources. Today’s featured fortune provided just that.

Med school can feel like an endless barrage of reading, testing, memorizing, examining, testing, and then reading some more. The owner of today’s featured fortune has dreamed of being a doctor for as long as she can remember. Every step she made in adolescence was one more toward achieving that dream. And as if dedicating a large part of her young adult life to burying her head in the books wasn’t enough, she also felt an immense pressure to accomplish her goals for her family and friends. And despite making big strides toward her life long dream, even she has moments where sheer willpower is not enough to keep going. On one of those darker days, she cracked open a fortune cookie only to discover the motivational message she was looking for. As she read over the words, she could feel her body start to re-energize. It felt as if the cookie was laying out the prophecy of her future, the future she was building for herself and her family. Without hesitation she pocketed that prophecy, and gladly dove right back into her studies knowing her hard work and dedication will pay off in the end. Sometimes it takes seeking a renewed source of inspiration. And that continued inspiration will provide her the willpower to succeed in achieving her goals and building a life both she and those closest to her can be proud of.

Such a great reminder that even passion projects need a reboot of energy, drive, and focus from time to time. In working toward a much desired goal, we can sometimes feel buried by the action items it takes to get there. However, by breaking down our goals into smaller pieces, checked off one by one we can slowly start to see the light of success ahead of us. 

Thank you for providing this reminder and sharing your story with us all. I’m rooting for you to achieve your dreams! And for everyone following along, I hope this inspired you as well. May we all continue to be reminded that we can accomplish all we put our minds to. And if you have an inspiring fortune to share, email me your story and I would love to feature it here. Until next time, be well.



2 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel…

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  1. Love this! Yes we must find our motivation EVERYDAY. The pressure to succeed is something I need to work on all the time to make sure I don’t get stressed because our goals are supposed to be FUN 🙂🙂 great post as always ❤️

  2. And you’ve been there holding my hand every step of the way! Thanks for always supporting me through this crazy almost 10 yrs of (what sometimes feels like excessive) schooling ❤

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