Take a Chance…

Today’s featured fortune comes from a friend I met through work, whom recently left our office to jump into the position of a much deserved promotion. And to say this was a long time coming would be no exaggeration. She has flourished and made a positive impact in our office for over a decade. Spreading laughter and inspiration to us all along the way. For her, work has always been something she could rely on in an ever changing world. So, over the years, as openings for opportunities to move up in the company or move closer to her family came available, her fear of losing what she had built around her resulted in those opportunities to pass her by. And while she was very happy with the decision to stay in her position, there was always a little piece of her that wondered, “what if..”.
Over the last two years that little voice grew, making her question her comfort in the “same ole same”. She decided to face this fear of change and transformed her life. She purchased her first house, moved to a new city, got puppies, and even welcomed the newest member of her family. This all made her realize the upside of change can be the construction of a dream. And experiencing the ultimate happiness change had brought to her life, helped chip away at the wall her fear had built against it. So, when a new opportunity arose at work that would allow her to spend more time with her family and grow with her company, she was ready to finally face her fears and put herself out there. In hoping for some reassurance, she jokingly asked her fortune cookie what she should do. And as if it was listening, its message was the final boost needed to catapult her confidence, combat her fears, take a chance, and make a change.
Sometimes we need an extra push to go after our heart’s truest desires. The fear of change is often more a fear of failure or rejection. What is important to remember about failure or rejection is, if we try and fail, worst case scenario life will be just as it was before we tried. The best case scenario being a life vastly improved. So, if we want to ‘make a change’ simply ‘take a chance’. Who knows, what we are able to achieve might just exceed our expectations.
Thank you for sharing and thank you to everyone following along. This was the reminder I needed to look into the face of my own fears and take steps toward pursuing my dreams. Until next time, be well.

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  1. Catching up on all your posts! So happy we got to talk about this topic in particular yesterday at the ice cream shop. So INSPIRING and yay to your friend for making such a big leap!

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