Going the Distance…

Rather than being pocketed, this fortune found itself framed. Turns out the owner keeps it safely secured against her wedding photo. So when she gazes upon it, she is not only reminded of the special day when she married her best friend, but also her beliefs toward relationships and the benefits that come with going the distance.

The owner of today’s featured fortune believes a happy couple will go the distance with dedication and work on both sides to maintain that happiness. She says, most of that work comes from within, because marriage forces us to dig deep and analyze ourselves. And based on her experience in building a happy marriage of her own, her best advice is, when you encounter moments where you feel like picking your partner apart, instead, try and find something you love about them. Taking that moment of gratitude can shed new perspective on the situation by remembering what brought you both together in the first place.

Such sage advice! Thank you for sharing it with us. And I agree, it is important to remember we are all human, which basically means we are not perfect. It is likely at some point we will disappoint those we love the most. And chances are equally high the cause of the disappointment will not be a purposeful action. By keeping the perspective that everyone makes mistakes, we can take pause when we are on the reciprocating end of disappointment. Remembering why we are grateful for our relationships will allow us to act with more empathy in those moments as well. And by gaining a new, gracious perspective, we will have more control in picking our battles. Which can in turn contribute to maintaining a happy relationship. And when we find ourselves in a happy relationship, we can feel like the luckiest people in the world.

Thank you to those following along, I appreciate you stopping by. Do you have a pocket prophecy that keeps you on the right path? Email me a picture and snippet of why you have kept it around. I would love to hear your story and feature it here. Until next time, be well.



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