Time, it’s on our side…

The owner of this fortune saved it as encouragement of her ability to support her daughter through some painful life lessons. She shared that mothering is the hardest job she has ever encountered. And the most difficult part is seeing a beloved child in pain or struggling and feeling helpless to do a thing about it. Looking back, she thought dolling out advice as a parent would be easy after having lived through her own teenage tribulations. In reality, she is finding these situations tend to dredge up her own past hurts, leaving her feeling much less wise than she once thought she would be. Feeling at a loss of how to step in and help her child, this message seemed to show up at the perfect time, providing just the right words of encouragement when it was needed the most. Though the simplest of messages, it had a profound impact. It returned her confidence by helping her realize time is her greatest ally. With time on her side, she can aid her children in weathering any storm just by providing her love and support.

It is often difficult knowing how to best comfort someone when they need it the most. Luckily, today’s fortune is just the reminder that the perfect words of wisdom are not always necessary to make a situation better. Time really does heal all wounds, so when we are at a loss for words, the best thing we can do is simply give our support. That could be lending an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, or just letting the other person know we are there if, and when, they need us. Sometimes, knowing we are surrounded by those that love us is all it takes to start feeling the light of happiness once again.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful sentiment and reminder of how we can best be there for one another. And for those following along, thank you for stopping by. Do you have a pocket prophecy that gave you a boost when you needed it the most? If so, I would love to hear about it and feature your story here. Email me a picture and snippet of why you kept it. And until next time, be well.



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