Let happiness be your guide…

By definition, an affirmation is the action or process of affirming something; an emotional support or encouragement. What I am discovering in exploring this wonderful phenomenon of the coveted cookie fortunes, is that for the most part they fulfill this very purpose. And in the case of today’s story, the owner states simply, this fortune was photographed and pocketed to act as her new mantra. A daily reminder that she is in control of her happiness.

When I received this fortune, a quote from The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz came to mind. “Life is nothing but a dream, and if we are artists, then we can create our life with Love, and our dream becomes a masterpiece of art.” There are many takeaways from his writings, though the one that plays over and over for me is that no other person, or thing, is responsible for our happiness. We are the artists painting the masterpiece of our life. And life is made up of all the colors, many highs and many lows. In those dark moments it is easy to let the situation get the best of our emotions and well being. While it is good to allow ourselves to embrace our feelings during those times, it is important to remember that ultimately how we choose to move forward is completely within our control. Sometimes the dark moments allow us to fully realize the greatness of our strength and happiness. It is the contrast that gives the lighter moments such meaning.

If I am ever having difficulty guiding myself back toward happiness during a dark moment of life, I simply think of my own affirmation. Paraphrasing my favorite excerpt by Don Miguel Ruiz… if you take a deep breath and let it out slowly you will notice that this act gives you great pleasure. A feeling of contentment is brought on just by fulfilling this very simple necessity of the body: breathing. So, in the darkest of times, when you feel as if you have lost your path, your happiness, take a deep breath. For “just to breathe is enough for us to always be happy.”

Thank you for inspiring us all today with this pocket prophecy. And thank you to everyone who is reading along. If you have a cookie affirmation to share, email me a picture with your story and I will feature it here. Until next time, be well.



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  1. This post is my favorite. It will always be a reminder to me of how I’m in control of my life and how I feel at all times! It is so important to know that what we make of a situation is completely up to the individual! We can choose happiness!

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