Many happy “returns”…

Happy tax day, everyone! Well, if not for you, it is definitely a good day for the owner of these fortunes.

As a tax accountant, the stroke of midnight on this date will signal the end of yet another season of late nights and early mornings. Even though she loves her job, the demands of the first quarter can be, well, taxing. Often it is an overwhelmingly busy and lonely couple months while she focuses on the needs of her clients and the obligations of her position. Over the years, she has collected a group of inspiring messages. These silent cheerleaders get her through the roughest moments; reminding her to keep her eye on the prize, “write off” confrontation, and let humor be her greatest ally. With a glance at her wall of good fortune, she is comforted by the renewed attitude of a positive perspective.

When we crack open that fortune cookie, sometimes it reveals more than just a prophecy we hope will come true. It often speaks of our inner most desires and struggles. Whether we realize it, or not, the ones we decide to keep help us become our own voice of reason. They serve as a reminder to keep focused, feel hopeful, and stay on track. So, pocket the prophecy that speaks to you, because having the extra boost to strive for that desired outcome will most likely yield some very positive “returns.”

Congratulations on making it through another tax season, and thank you for sharing your wall of inspiration with us. For those reading along, I appreciate you stopping by. Do you keep a fortune around for motivation? If so, I would love to feature it here. Email me a picture and snippet of why you have kept it around. And until next time, be well.


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