Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!..

As the weekend fades into a busy Monday, it is pretty easy to understand why someone might find today’s featured fortune inspiring.

Heading into the weekend with a large amount of unfinished work, this fortune’s owner dreaded the thought of spending his days off plugging away at the computer. But, during his lunch break this little piece of wisdom found him. And like his very own Jiminy Cricket, this message was the wake up call he needed to reach a compromise with himself. That weekend he was able to balance work and play successfully; achieving his occupational goals while also recuperating after a long week. He continues to carry this pocket prophecy around as a daily reminder to take a step back, relax, and enjoy life.

Live to work OR work to live? Sometimes the lines can get a little blurry. We can get so caught up in the responsibilities and obligations tied into our occupation, we forget to allow ourselves to fulfill the biggest job of them all… contributing to our wellness. If we become negligent on caring for ourselves, our ability to complete other tasks often suffers. Making our wellbeing a priority will increase our productivity in the end. So, “let your conscience be your guide” and allow the fun and relaxation to take precedent. The accomplishments will follow, and you will be astounded by what you can achieve.

This was such a wonderful reminder, thanks for sharing! For those reading along, if there is a fortune you have been carrying around to keep yourself on track, please email me a picture and why you have held onto it. I would love to hear your story and feature it here. Until next time, be well.


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