Just keep swimming…

Today’s featured fortune has been held onto for ten years! Based on its almost transparent appearance, it is easy to imagine the countless times its message has been looked upon.

Years ago its owner felt it represented her well and pocketed it. Being a busy-body, she is always occupied with a new project. Though she loves her projects, sometimes she finds it difficult to fully dedicate herself to them while also remaining present in her life and fulfilling the obligations that come with it. When this happens, she takes a look at her saved fortune and is reminded that despite feeling overwhelmed, everything she does contributes to her happiness. And in that moment of gratitude, she remembers that feeding her happiness makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Its so easy to get lost in all that makes up the world of “adulting”. It is often a delicate balance between work, fun, hobbies, family, and friends. Not to mention the list of errands and must-do’s seem endless. At times things can flow easily, each piece complementing the next, until we have completed every desired task or activity. While at other times they can be all consuming. Without knowing where to start, and feeling the constraints of time closing in, we become paralyzed by the burden. In these moments, when we feel we are treading water, just barely keeping our heads above the sea of life’s obligations, it is important to take a deep breath and just start swimming. One stroke at a time. One task at a time. Pretty soon we will get into a rhythm and forget we were ever struggling at all.

To this fortune’s owner: I really appreciate you sharing this prized fortune with us. It was just the reminder I needed this week to breath deeply, feel gracious, and stay motivated.

For those following along, do you have piece of pocketed wisdom kept around as a reminder? I would love to hear why. Email me a picture with your story, and I will feature it here. Thank you for subscribing and until next time, be well.



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