Can I get that in writing?..

Have you ever held onto an item without completely understanding why? Personally speaking, my closet is full of examples: an outfit kept as a reminder of healthier times, a trinket kept for a potential art project, or even a bag full of “I might need these someday” items that without each-other have no other place to exist. Oftentimes these items are more representative of a hopeful outcome or contingency plan than a necessity. Today’s pocket prophecy falls along these lines.

Simply put, the owner of this fortune said, while he does not particularly believe this message, and it has not exactly been his experience, he figured it would be good to have it in writing… just in case…

If there were ever one takeaway from my Business Law class, it’s that written agreements, even the most innocent, become binding 😉

We may not always conceptually agree with an idea but it is the potential we may be wrong, no matter how minuscule, that overpowers us.  And perhaps that is one of the contributing factors behind the power of the fortune, or any other possession we keep without completely understanding why. We seem to have an instinct to find meaning, or perhaps place meaning, behind things. If it states a prophecy we hope will come true and we throw it away, does that mean it will never happen? If we keep it, will we attract what we desire? Either way, it’s part of the wonderment that plays into this fascinating phenomenon.

Many thanks for sharing your fortune with us! And no matter the source, I hope you DO get everything you want. For those of you reading along, thanks for following 🙂 Do you have a pocket prophecy saved, JIC? If so, I would love to hear why. Email me a picture and explanation; I will feature it here. Until then, be well.


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