At a crossroads…


The owner of this fortune was just closing the sale of her house, when she found herself at an emotional crossroads. Taking herself to dinner while contemplating her next move, this fortune found it’s way into her hands. At a time when she needed it the most, it seemed like a message from the universe; an answer to the inner conflict that was plaguing her. She decided to pocket this prophecy and weeks later sold her possessions and traveled to South America. This impromptu trip turned into a wanderlust adventure lasting the better part of the next three years; exploring, making lifelong friends, and eventually meeting the love of her life. It was a bold move, but one she is glad she made.

It is simply amazing the power these little messages hold. Sometimes surprisingly spot on, its as if the fortune was selected just for us. And whether the universe is actually choosing to send a sign through a piece of paper tucked inside a cookie, or not, sometimes it helps to have a little push in the direction our heart is already leaning. That physical response to a question playing out in our mind is perhaps all it takes to finally listen to our deepest desires.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. What an inspiring adventure spurred by one little cookie!  Do you have a similar experience and would like to share? Please email me a picture of your fortune with a snippet of how it influenced you. I look forward to hearing about your journey and featuring it here. Thank you for visiting, and I will “see” you soon!


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